Monday, December 24, 2012

The Gospel According to Luke, ver 2.0

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (den danske folkekirke) has made a charming and humorous video showing how the gospel according to Luke most likely would have unfolded if Mary and Joseph had lived in our present age.

The video starts with the virgin Mary receiving an email from the Archangel Gabriel when she logs into her Gmail. The email informs her that it may seem crazy but she is actually going to give birth to the son of God. She sends a text message to Joseph the carpenter, "I have received a strange email. Call me."

Joseph makes a status update on Facebook that Mary is pregnant. When someone says they did not know he was going to be a father, he reveals that the child is not his but the son of God to which he receives amazed and a sarcastic comments from his friends. Some even go so far as to dissolve their friendships with him.

Meanwhile the emperor Augustus sets up an event on Facebook: "Census".

Joseph starts to to plan the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem using the online travel service, and checks the box for "roman free route". He also uses to check for lodgings in Bethlehem for a few nights. The only vacancy that appears is in a stable.

When the child is born Joseph makes a status update declaring that "It´s a boy!", he then receives greetings from the grandparents and others concerned and loads of likes

The story then goes on with the three wise men connecting and searching for gifts and travel routes to Bethlehem on the Internet and so on.

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