Sunday, December 23, 2012

To the Scandinavians in SecondLife

Jag önskar er alla en underbar jul med mycket god mat, goda drycker, trevligt sällskap och massor av julklappar! 

Om ni ska ut på vägarna och fara så kör försiktigt i halkan. Det är bättre att komma fram lite senare, än att inte komma fram alls.

Många kramar,

For secular Scandinavians the main event of Christmas is traditionally Christmas Eve. This is the day we get together with our families and friends to eat, drink and be merry. This of course also the day we share gifts with each other. 


  1. Merry Christmas buddy I hope your feeling better xxx

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    1. I first made the comment below (at 9:58 AM), I couldn't ´t understand where you got the "fiskmås rumpa" above from at first.

      Let me first reassure you that "gullrumpa" has nothing whatsoever to do with seagulls! "Gullrumpa" instead means "cute-butt", it could also mean "golden-butt" because "gull-" is most often a colloquial variation of the Swedish word "guld" (which means gold) when it is used in compound words

  3. Bock-hyvää joulua kaikille ystäville Suomessa (I am not Finnish but I thought I would add that).

  4. Good point Eddi, Scandinavia is more than just Sweden ;) so:

    En riktig god jul til våre norske venner,

    en meget glædelig jul til vores danske venner

    and to be all inclusive:

    mjög ánægð jól til íslenskra vina okkar

  5. Thanks sweethearts, big hugs!

    To Butch and Eddi, I would like to add the following lesson in the regional terminology as far as Northern Europe is concerned.

    Scandinavia consist of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This historical cultural-linguistic region in characterized by a common ethno-cultural Germanic heritage and related languages.

    The Nordic countries consist of the three above mentioned countries and adding Finland and Island, but very rarely Greenland.

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    1. Välkommen hem igen, buddy, och en riktigt god jul till dig också!

  7. Prettige Kerst mijn allerliefste Bockilein <3 (from the low countries)

    1. En hetzelfde aan u mijn zoete Guykechen ;)

  8. As it is Christmas I would like to add this... Peace on earth to all my friends whatever ethnicity!

  9. So this is Scandinavia huh :)


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