Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NOH8 Avatars 27

Eeva Rasmuson-Waydelich

For more information about the The NOH8 Campaign and how to join it in SecondLife please read my previous post The NOH8 Campaign in SecondLife. There you will also find instructions on where to find the necessary duct tape and cheek painting free of charge.

If you would like to be a part of the NOH8 Campaign on this blog please send me your picture (fullperm), I will be happy to post it. Name the picture NOH8 and your avatar name and drop it on my profile or send it to my email

I got these picture of Eeva through my dear friend Kahvy Sands and I am assuming that he has obtained Eeva´s approval for publication on this blog. If that should not be the case please let me know and I will remove them a.s.a.p.

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  1. Nice Detail: Eeva's SL partner just came out, and she's standing right next to him and in front of him even when needed. I root for this girl!


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