Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 XX - Hopefully Last (Updated)

Om my, while I was being busy gathering all the information to answer the questions Whirly posed in the latest email relayed by Theresa Linden at Linden Lab I think I may have stumbled over the solution to my repeat-problems all by myself.

It has nothing to do with bandwidth, my computer, HTTP Textures or whatever but the default settings of the viewer in combination with the Bock-avatar. (As you may remember my alt Lady Cruella has no problems and never had.)

Since a few months I get these graphic settings by default.
Please notice particularly that "Quality and speed" is set to somewhere between "High" and "Ultra" .
Well, I never bothered to change that once it turned up that way, but when I went to the Miss. Wigstock 2013 contest on Sunday January 27, 2013, I was expecting loads of lag so I though I better pull down the "Quality and speed" to at least "High" and uncheck shadows. All that evening I did not repeat one single time!

After the the contest I did not access SecondLife until after I returned home again from a business trip and there was an email waiting for me from Theresa. Before starting the tests I reset all the settings to default.

It was at this time that Whirly had asked me to uncheck the HTTP Textures, as you may remember that was quite successful during my testing after the first three or four minutes. However, when I logged back in one of the following the repetitions came back even though I kept the HTTP Textures unchecked.

That made me very despondent, sad and weary, I thought I may have to trash my Bock avatar and everything that was tied in with it. I stayed away from SecondLife a couple of days to think about it. Anyway, while I was in first life I began to think about the contest and what a great time I had without any repeats and that made me remember that I had changed the settings.

So today I tried it, and lo and behold, glory, glory, hallelujah it worked! Actually it worked well when I pulled down Quality and speed to High or if I pulled it up to Ultra, the only time I got repeats was if I set it in between High and Ultra.

...the only problem now remaining is that I freeze up after almost every teleport and cannot move or speak and then crash. But that is actually a problem I can live with - I think...

I am sending these results to Theresa Linden now!

Update February 7, 2013.
The improvements still last.

I can recreate the chat repeats if I change the graphic setting to in between High and Ultra. And when i change back to High or Ultra it goes away.


  1. wierd thing is that you said you had the same problem with the Fs viewer and you CAN NOT set anything between high and ulta on fs (we did try on the sl viewer and apparently yes there is a setting between high and ultra on the SL viewer just like you had it set to) so cant just have been that...

    1. Well darling, don´t look at me for an answer - I know absolutely nothing, I am just describing as best I can what is going on here.

  2. We need different theme music now that your problem solved. I think that the end of Das Rhinegold, The entrance of the Gods into Valhalla, would work really well!

    Valhalla, the enormous castle in the sky, built by giants (Linden Lab), is complete. The Nordic Gods including Wotan (which you Bock symbolize) enter the castle by walking across a rainbow which appears in the sky (a working viewer with no problems). However, is your journey complete? Only the Godessses of fate and destiny (the Norns who weave the rope of time) know for sure!

    Here is a clip with the final music.

    1. You are hear-by appointed as the laird´s court composer and with that title comes a knighthood, rise Sir Eddi!

    2. a Bard then you mean:) cool

    3. Of course, my dearest Vampi, I stand corrected.

      Sir Eddi is appointed as the bard of the laird´s court - and nothing else!

  3. My fingers are crossed. A SL without Bock is a SL with no rantings...this would be unheard of.....this better be fixed because having no Bock is totally unacceptable.


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