Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Swedish SecondLife Resident Honored

Billy bookcase birch veneer
Every month my buddy Benja Aquila elects a "LGBT Second Life Resident of the Month" on his blog Benja Aquila's Second Life.

This month he has elected a person with the following characteristics:

  • Charming (Yup, must be Apmel!)
  • Swedish (Apmel, definitely!)
  • Man (Apmel is ALL man, for sure!)
  • Famous blogger (Absolutely Apmel!)
  • Friendly (Apmel again!)
  • Patient (Oh yes Apmel for sure!)
  • A very good conversationalist (Apmel! Apmel! Apmel!)
  • Multifaceted (No one has more facets than my sweet buddy Apmel!)
  • Successful blog (Hell yeah, Apmelito!)
  • A better ambassador for Sweden than IKEA. (Ab-so-f**king-lu-tely, it can only be Apmel)
The only thing that confused me was "LGBT"so my first thought when I saw the list was, "Ah I have always suspected that my bosom-buddy Apmel was a closet case and now he finally see´s fit to come out, but why did he choose to do it on Benja´s blog? Sure, he is truly deserving of any honor he gets, but isn't he already more famous than the Billy bookcase or even IKEA itself?"

Go to Benja´s blog Benja Aquila's Second Life and tell him how offended you are by his oversight of appointing someone other than Apmel Goosson this month! Even if the man isn't LGBT, he could be gay-for-pay or honorary gay or something like that...

(P.S. Thank you, dearest Benja! XOXOXO)


  1. hahahahaha... u are the best! kyss!

  2. ehhh who? sorry benja never heard of you before but yay cool:)

  3. What a great judgement Benja shows, but what have you been smoking Bock, buddy?? :))))

  4. Congratulations Bock! Benja's fiancee Ryce wants you to know you are his man of the month too!

  5. LOL You re all just too sweet, hugs!


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