Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Wedding of Garth and Mitch (Updated)

If it was a fairy tale it would start something like this. "'Twas on the day when Dejerrity Mycron got 11 inches¹ on Manhattan Island, New York, N.Y., that Garth Raleigh and Mitch Underby were married in the humongous cathedral of Splendid Place."

The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, arrived to the cathedral fashionably late with his sullen aide-de-camp the commoner Butch Diavolo in tow. Butch was sullen because he had been ordered to accompany me and forced to wear shoes for the occasion.

"Do you really think that I can arrive at such a festive occasion without being accompanied by a  strikingly handsome man or with a peasant without shoes?", I asked him. "Now drop your c**k and grab your shoes, we have to be there in five minutes!"

The cathedral was already full of family and other guests of the two grooms when we finally arrived. Unfortunately I had my double-talk problem (today with a delay of a few minutes). This also affected my movements so I was walking all over the waiting guests before I could grab an empty seat.

Soon after we had arrived and taken our inconspicuous and uncharacteristically humble seats the officiant arrived. It was Draghan Marksman in the guise of a rabbinical neko², or as my aide-de-camp chose to call it "A Kosher Cat". He looked absolutely stunning. 
A short while later the wedding procession made it´s entrance into the cathedral and the two grooms took their places at the pews.
The wedding service was fairly traditional with highly moving personal vows from the handsome grooms. Mitch tried to make a run from it all mid-ceremony, he most likely got a bout of the wedding-jitters, but to the relief of Garth and the assembled guests he re-logged quickly and the ceremony was completed in an orderly fashion.
After the ceremony there was a reception nearby. While trying to move there I encountered some troubles and decided to re-log. Before leaving I thought to myself that I should perhaps try unchecking the HTTP Textures again, as previously suggested by Whirly, to try to cure my old #01587329-problem. So I did that before leaving.
When I arrived back the company had assembled to hear speeches and toasts to honor the newly wed. My double-speech and double-movements had amazingly been cured, to my great relief.

There was also a show, mainly with the amazing entertainer Oliver Elton, but also a special appearance on stage by Atreyu Raleigh (or Trey or Craig I got confused by the many names people gave him) a son of one of the grooms who joined Oliver for a rendition of the gay anthem "Its Raining Men". I was so enthralled that I unfortunately forgot to take a picture.

After talking with Craig Raleigh in-world I am proud to add this picture from the part I missed. Thank you Craig!
Craig Raleigh in "Its Raining Men", photographed by himself
During this performance, when Oliver and Atreyu turned their backs to the audience and bowed, a guest said "I see cracks, and they´re not on the ceiling mind you..."

The wedding party then moved into the adjoining room for champagne, cake and some dancing.
Above myself and my aide-de-camp flanking the newly weds. Below the officiant gets into the groove with the booze and finally topples over.
The rest of the guests were well-behaved although some intimate ass-fondling could be noticed by an observant onlooker (me).

It was here I re-encountered Rob Colter, the poor man who had been sitting bside me - and behind my emerald gown - at the Miss Wigstock 2013 contest. Rob was a perfect gentleman and tried to convince me that he had not been bothered in the least.
We were also treated to a spectacular fireworks show to the backdrop of the castle. This was again the widely talented Oliver Elton´s work.
After  the fireworks show I noticed my typos increasing rapidly, which i a sure sign that I am getting very tired and should go to bed, so I congratulated the happy couple a final time said my good bye´s and dropped out to first life. When I dropped off the party was still going on and it may probably still be...

I hope you live happily ever after, Garth and Mitch!
¹) 11 inches of snow, you dirty minded little sods, this was the day the north eastern blizzard Nemo hit New York, N.Y., remember? (This joke is credited to my brother in-law Dej)
²) A neko is sort of a human cat, i.e. an avatar with a human body shape donning a cat tail and cat ears and sometimes also whiskers.

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  1. Congrats to you both... it was a beautiful wedding :).....

    DM and JJ


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