Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gay Male Avatar to Gay Male Avatar

Hunky Sexy Avatar: "What does NSA stand for, do you know?"
Beefcake Sturdy Avatar: "It usually means 'No strings attached'" 
Hunky Sexy Avatar: "Ahhhh, thanks" 
Beefcake Sturdy Avatar: "No problem" 
Hunky Sexy Avatar "Men are pigs, by the way" 
Beefcake Sturdy Avatar: "Yeah, basically" 
Hunky Sexy Avatar: "You were always one of the good ones" 
(Tipped by reader of Bock in SecondLife Hunky Sexy Avatar, who thought I might appreciate it)

Dear Hunky Sexy Avatar,
Thank you so much, you really know me well. I loved it!
Hugs, Bock
P.S: And here I was believing that NSA referred to "National Security Agency". That only goes to show how innocent and unspoiled I really am. 

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