Saturday, March 2, 2013

Strange Nightmare

Matt Damon's A1+ Quality smile
Tonight I had the strangest nightmare, which made me wake up with a scream. I dreamed that I felt something logged in my left cheek. When I pulled it out and looked at it I saw it was a partial denture for the four lower front teeth. I wondered who they belonged to, but as I was thinking about that my tongue felt a big gaping hole in the front of my lower jaw. When I tried the dentures they fit right into the hole. That's when I wake up, sitting up in by bed with a scream.

The thing is that, through a fluke of nature, I am the only one in my immediate family that has excellent teeth. Other than having the two upper wisdom teeth extracted, because they were growing crookedly, and succeeding in splitting a lower teeth while biting into a pebble in some badly cleaned rice, the rest of my teeth are immaculate. Unlike my parents and sisters I have always looked forward to my visits with my dentist and dental hygienist and I go there with joyful steps.

Despite my great teeth I have had a recurring nightmare since childhood. In the nightmare I am walking down a flight of stairs when I trip and fall. In the fall I manage to get all my front teeth knocked out.

The new nightmare seems to be a variation to the old familiar one, but after the fact of the fall instead of during it. I don't like it all and don't understand it.


  1. Your dreams will turn to nightmares as large knashing chattering teeth will grow out of the walls as you walk down a dark tunnel. They will bite and pinch you until you beg to wake up to find yourself sitting in a pile of toothpaste ;-)

  2. more info on dreams:

    I hate reoccurring dreams. Mine is just falling into something black, I am walking, cycling, driving whatever then suddenly I fall and fall till I hit the bottom, wich is me waking up screaming and making Rick hit the ceiling X-)


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