Sunday, April 21, 2013

At MWFW 2013 - The Shiki Show

Yesterday I took the time to drop in on the Euro Party at The Menswear Fashion Week, unfortunately I was late so it ended within less than 10 minutes of my arrival.

Nevertheless it wasn't a total waste of time because within a few minutes of my arrival at the venue I had the following conversation in Instant Message (IM):

[2013/04/20 14:50]  Lee McKay: Hot av!
[2013/04/20 14:52]  Bock McMillan: Thanks Lee ;) You aren't half-bad yourself? LOL
[2013/04/20 14:52]  Lee McKay: hehehe, thank you :)
[2013/04/20 14:54]  Bock McMillan: It was a real pleasure...
[2013/04/20 14:55]  Lee McKay: I'm having a real pleasure watching you :)

From that excellent start of a beautiful friendship we went on and talked awhile before deciding that we would meet again at the Shiki Show at 3 P.M. SLT and befriended each other.
A shitload of female avatars taking up space
When it was time for the Shiki Show I had huge troubles getting in because the venue was filled with mostly women, as if they don't have 51 out of 52 weeks a year in which to visit fashion shows. It is common knowledge that the ratio between fashion for menswear and womenswear in SecondLife is approximately 1:10,000 or maybe even 1:100,000. I cannot really see the need for women to hog the space and preventing interested male fashionistas from gaining access to the venue.
Lee and I at the Shiki Show
I had a conversation with one of the organizers, the kind and helpful Merrill Genesis, and suggested they raise the number of avatars allowed. Merrill agreed that it would be a good idea, especially as many in the audience were in the low lag icons. (As the obedient Swedish man I am, I had followed the request and had come to the show as a hot bowler hat, while ny new friend Lee - as the rebellious American man he is - totally ignored the request.) Soon after that I did get in on the venue with the help of Merrill and Lee.

The Shiki Show turned out to be a disappointing for me, I saw nothing I would ever wear in the show. All the same I had a good time chatting with Lee and avatar-watching (which is the SecondLife equivalent of people-watching, one of my favorite pastimes in first life).

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