Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DJ Butch @ Zeus Gay Club

On my return to my wonderful home in SecondLife yesterday I was suddenly hailed in Instant Message by an obtrusive, insolent and cheeky dude who asked "Who are you?". My response was of course rapid and scathing "Who are you and why are you harassing me?".

The ox greeting me in this loving way was of course my buddy Butch Diavolo, owner of Club Whim and a Techno Trance music DJ.

Butch called to invite me to his set at Zeus Gay Club a bit later. I told him I would be happy to come, but little did I know that I had accepted an invitation to a closeted congregation of gay foot fetishists, myself and other weirdos.

Ziggy joined us after awhile, and he looked absolutely stunning in his new blond hairdo.

Spanki Moulliez was also at the club and was using all sorts of tricks and ruses to divert attention from the fact that he was almost nude, displaying a cute knob and looking gorgeous.
Just before I had to leave for bed I was looking at DJ "Non-Smelly Feet", a.k.a. Butch, and his supporting team of dancers starting to lay down on the floor with Butch himself fondling and stroking and indeed smelling a foot of the club host Devin while his own feet were being played with by the lovely Aicha Aisha..


  1. LMAO. Great post and what a wonderful time. I am glad my blond locks are being mostly accepted ;-)

  2. LOL yes, great post, and thanks you for that picture of me Bock, made me laugh a lot, you cheered up my Wednesday morning!
    - Spanki :))

    1. I still cannot get my head around how long the fact that you were wearing that silly but cute hat and blowing bubble gum distracted me from seeing the little knob protruding elsewhere...

      One laugh deserves another, so I am happy you enjoyed it buddy!

  3. It was lovely to see you out in public again, Bock :)

    just two small, but very important corrections: I am NOT a Techno DJ. I am a TRANCE DJ.


    I was not fondling, stroking or smelling Devin's feet! His shoelaces were undone and he asked me to tie them for him while I was down there!
    Aicha however was playing with my feet, in fact she was licking them. I guess she needed salts because of the vigorous dancing?

    1. O.M.G. my bad, of course you are a Trance DJ - I don't know what I was thinking of when I wrote something else. The mistake has been corrected in the post now!

      However, as for your actions with Devin's feet I am sticking to my story! I know what I saw and you made no attempt whatsoever to tie Devin's shoelaces, rather the opposite... ;)

    2. You know, the memory of feeling Aisha's tongue between my toes made me shiver in horror so much, that I misspelled her name! It is of course Aisha, not Aicha.
      Of course correcting her name doesn't take away the scary memories...

  4. Butch, you weren't complaining last night.. in fact you seemed quite excited.. the words out your mouth last night were sexy.. not scary.. and you have never complained about the use of my tongue before! Besides, you will find I was making sure your feet were attached in the right place... you know I have the evidence of them often misplaced!

    1. ROFL You tell him, gurl, I have your back in this.

      Please accept my sincere apology for misspelling your name. I have corrected the error now!


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