Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kedvesem with ByeAlex

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it is true! The results of the second semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 were just presented and my favorite, Hungary's "Kedvesem" with ByeAlex is going to the final on Saturday! That usually never happens...

OK, yes! He is terribly cute and "my scruffy type" (if I have one), but that isn't at all the reason this song is my favorite. Well, not the only reason...!

ByeAlex is his stage name, his real name is Alex Márta and he was born in 1984 on "Kiss-A-Swede-Day" (June 6). Hmm is 14 years too big an age difference? Stop it, Bock, the poor guy you are lusting for is most likely straight... or taken...or both...

(P.S. I am sorry that the video shows too much of the darn ballerina and too little of Alex.)


  1. Did some research and found his MYSPACE page
    Yes, he is heterosexual. Oops, now I woke you up.

    1. Darn, this news almost ruined my day - but then I cam to think that he (him being Hungarian and knowing what I do about the present political climate Hungary) could possibly be in the closet still...

      I will hold on to that slim hope a while longer! ;) Self deception, is the best lifesaver sometimes!


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