Monday, June 24, 2013

Bonus Trailer for Pride - #10 The Boys in the Band (1970)

Written by Matt Crowley and directed by William Friedkin. Starring: Kenneth Nelson (Michael), Peter White (Alan), Leonard Frey (Harold), Cliff Gorman (Emory), Frederick Combs (Donald), Laurence Luckinbill (Hank), Keith Prentice (Larry), Robert La Tourneaux (Cowboy) and Reuben Greene (Bernard).

To celebrate this years Second Pride I have posted a couple of movie trailers depicting the lives of some rather ordinary gay men in their search for themselves, for acceptance, for happiness and for love.

I have deliberately avoided anything that was pre-Stonewall, activist or mainly concerned with HIV/AIDS, by so doing I do not meant to say that they are not highly relevant but they just did not fit into the concerpt I had in mind. Please note that not a single one of them kill themselves from shame and guilt over being who they are, although one is killed by bigots.

I am making an exception here, after Second Pride has come to an end, and want to share with you all a filmatisation of a pre-Stonewall play (Stonewall occurred while it was being performed.)

The Boys in the Band may feel outdated (it is after all 43 years since it was first released) but is still highly relevant in so many ways to the gay community  today. The characters in the movie may also seem too stereotypical, but they still exist among us to this day.

"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" (The more things change, the more they stay the same)


  1. I loved this movie since I was a kid especially Emery.

    1. I love it also!

      I think it must be one of the movies that have the most quotable lines in it, alas my poor memory prevents me from storing them longer than 15 seconds... ;P


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