Sunday, June 9, 2013

Funny Coincidences

Yesterday my buddy NE0 Timeless posted a response to my recent post about my problems with insomnia. In his post he suggested a wonderful piece of interesting, soothing and relaxing music that I should listen to whenever I had problems sleeping.

The music was Thomas Dolby's song N.E.O. which I am sending you to NE0's blog to listen to, Free Your Mind: A song dedicated to Bock McMillan.
While I was listening to the song I focused on the photography of a meteor that is displayed throughout the video. Suddenly I saw a vague outline of my own face on parts of the meteor, which was rather amusing.

The next funny thing that happened was that when I was going to comment on the post and thank him, I got the following word verification.

Thank you so much for the caring suggestion buddy, I will try it the next time I cannot sleep!

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