Friday, June 28, 2013

Meeting Millimina

My beloved sister in SecondLife Millimina Salamander and I have not met much during the last few months. We have had different schedules and both of us have also had first life commitments to deal with. We have kept in touch by occasional e-mails but it is still not quite the same thing.

During the time we haven't met much, Millimina and the other Swedes living on Solace Island were, with short notice as always, evicted when the owner decided to shut down that sim. Three of the refugees from Solace Island,  Millimina and two of my other Swedish friends Apmel Goosson and Kandinsky Beaumont, in that situation decided to get their own homestead - Mount Whitney - and share it between themselves.

Yesterday I got a surprising Instant Message from Milli, who was in-world to pay her share of the monthly tier before some "very important" football match (that's soccer for you Americans) started on television. She asked if she could come by to talk a little and see my new home. I of course gladly welcomed this possibility to meet her again, even if it was only a brief meeting.

As it always is with old close friends we quickly caught up with what had been going on with each others life's and I showed her my new chateau. She of course loved it thoroughly, she also completely supported my decision to make the change and was not at all surprised that I had finally reached the point of no return. It felt good to have her support in this matter as some of my friends have been worrying about my somewhat "dramatic" and "surprising" decision to tear down the old home I had had together with Ars and put up this new building in it's place.
After a tour of my new home we teleported over to her new place so that I could take a look at it. It was quite a change from the place Millimina had previously owned at Solace Island but I fell in love with it. You can follow what she is made of the new place on her blog "Magasin Millimina".
As opposed to many "hausfraus" or even silly gay men in SecondLife (read as me, myself and I) she has understood that one does not need a house with a bathroom, kitchen bedrooms etc. in SecondLife. You need a place you love that is designed after your own liking which you can use as a starting and ending point, entertain friends at and rez stuff in. She hired a wonderful and talented landscaper Kaja Lurra to work with her on her vision of a place based on the word "abandoned". It has become a wonderful little place in a run-down and deserted sort of way,
However, I am maintaining that Millimina has built a bedroom and all the other rooms in some of the many containers that are standing in her abandoned harbour, these are of course also where she has stored her vast collection of sex-gens. I don't care if she denies it, because thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Our meeting ended with reciprocal assurances that we must meet more often in the future and that we would invite the other to a housewarming part as soon as possible before Millimina had to log off to see that oh so important football match on television. She is a complete and utter sports freak!


  1. Milli is always welcome to borrow the sexstuff I have in my cellar :)

    1. Haha I am sure she will be very happy to know that, Apmelito...


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