Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Big Boy

Today I met my son Guyke at the gay SecondLife-bloggers group Rhino Writers meeting in preparation for our groups participation at the SL10B. Guykechen was there representing his husband Ziggy's blog "Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life". (Well, not officially but I had brought him there in that capacity.)

Unfortunately we were not many who could make it to the meeting, so besides Guyke and myself there was Avacar Bluestar and his partner ricogenu and Jeff Ellsworth. It was soon apparent that Avacar and Teno Theriac had already had fruitful conversations on the matter and had come up with many good ideas.
Myself and Avacar Bluestar
Jeff Ellsworth
ricogenu and Guykechen
After the meeting Guyke and I returned to Southern Charm to catch up and say our goodbyes. On top of the list of topics was of course what was going on in our first lives and Guyke's fabulous SecondLife  makeover.

"I decided it was time to grow up", the boy told me, "so I needed a complete remake for a more manly and less boyish look." And what a stunning look it is!

To my great relief he has not grown to big for hugging, I will never allow that to happen of course, but still it is good to notice that the Swedish part of his upbringing is deeply rooted in him.

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  1. Sorry I missed it but you all know the drill sigh...


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