Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SL10B The 20+ Exhibition

My dear friends Vampi Twine DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan (honorary), Sergeant at Arms sirhc DeSantis-McMillan and Gittrika Mint also have an exhibition at SL10B. They had an opening party yesterday which I unfortunately could not attend because - of course - the two major events in my SecondLife have to coincide this year.

So I went to have a look at it today instead, you can also visit it here; Your limousine to 20+ (SLurl). It was an interesting experience and a lot of fun. I was not aware that Gittrika is a sculpture in SecondLife, so there was yet another revelation about a friends talents.
After having seen the 20+ exhibit I walked around to get a look at some of the other exhibitions when I was suddenly hailed by some other friends, Carol Morpork (nee Pixelmaid,) and her husband Timothy Morpork. It was good seeing them both again and we had a pleasant chat, among other things I and Carol compared notes on Timothy's kissing-abilities (Excellent, we both agreed) since I had attacked him on one of the previous Kiss-A-Swede Days and stolen a lovely kiss.

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