Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Pool Party With DJ Tor

This evening I listened to DJ Tor Rhiannyr for the first time,. It was an extremely pleasant experience. Of course the fact that the two of us were surrounded  by hordes of near naked, gorgeous, fabulous, hunky and breathtakingly beautiful men can have influenced me, but I do not usually let such trivialities cloud my judgement.

Both Guyke and Butch had deserted me by now, leaving me to try and cope with the extremely invigorating circumstances., Guyke to meet up with Ziggy for some hanky panky while Butch had wandered off on some mysterious important mission.
Sarco Halderman (the blond stud) seemed to enjoy his company
I and sexy Zim Gunsberg in pleasant conversation about possible new skins for
me as Butch  had recently told  me that I looked "old", the cheeky little bugger.

Vaan Artis, Daimon and Heloq Tomsen
Khar Indigo,  the Second Pride Events Director
I could not resist using this picture
Beautiful Lee McKay enjoying the cool water
Myself with an as yet unknown Scotsman,. Can you notice my furtive glances at him?  The poor man was totally oblivious of me, even though I at times was climbing all over him.

Weylin and his partner Lee were the most beautiful couple of the evening
Another picture of the two hotties Weylin and Lee


  1. You change your skin and I will break your arms and anybody who tries to convince you I will break their legs.

    1. ROFL Well, it would be interesting to observe you in the sauna with my son trying to get "some sugar" with both his legs in plaster casts...


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