Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Horrible Start

After having troubles with rezzing my avatar yesterday I tried to take off everything I could and then set it to the male test avatar again. My work was interrupted by a surprise visit from a friend in first life. He had a bottle of wine and  some pizza.

I woke up early today and the picture shows you what I encountered when I logged in-world, "The boy next door"- male avatar with a couple of remnants from the pool party at Regi's Warehouse #69. Luckily I am getting to be an old hand on this and could soon get my regular self into place for a visit to one of Sarco Halderman's sets with my friend Jared Palianta.


  1. What is that red bump where your willy should be?

    1. LOL Its the "the remnants" from the pool party I mention.

      It is the bulge of my Kobalt swimsuit, on my ass I still had the cell phone...


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