Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Russian Icon & Conversation

I was feeling tired, sad and lost today, so when I got home from work I went directly for a nap, which lasted until 10 PM...

When I woke up there was a message waiting for me from Dej, my brother in-law in SecondLife, that he wished to talk with me. But when I logged in he wasn't there at the moment.

Instead I got a call from another trusted friend and when I told him how I was feeling he sent me this picture of a Russian icon showing Saint George fighting the dragon with the words: "Sometimes we must look to the past for inspiration.  Dragons can be overcome and often take many forms."

The picture and the words made me really happy, because I had been thinking along those lines myself, but casting myself as a Don Quijote instead of a Saint George.

Then Dej came online and we had a good, long talk about life, love and the universe, actually everything except motorcycle maintenance. After that I felt less hopeless, sad and tired although very sleepy. 


  1. It is nice story and picture, but looking at anything Russian these days due to their governmental crackdown on LGBT people and their jailing of Dutch gay tourists for "spreading gay propaganda" is making me angry these days.

    1. We must not let the stupidity of the current regime and politicians in Russia taint our eyes or souls so much that we cannot see the beauty of their cultural history.

      Their art will remain with us forever, while everything about Putin, Medvedev and the other bigoted buggers will soon be forgotten!


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