Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting to Know Marcellias

I first heard from Marcellias through a note card he sent me, either just before Second Pride or one of the first days of it (Pride has messed with my perception of time).

It was one of the kindest and wonderfully caring note cards I have ever received. I will not tell you any more of its contents for fear you think I am bragging, but lets just leave that subject with the knowledge that Marcellias is a thoughtful, kind and caring man who knows how to express himself well.

Marcellias hung out with me and my friends a couple of times during Pride-week, dancing, chatting and enjoying himself like crazy just as the rest of us.

One of the very first things Marcellias will tell you about himself, is that we has a weakness for the color purple but that he is trying to get to grips with it. I told him, I don't mind at all if my friends have hang-ups as long as it does not involve hurting people or animals, so we should get along well.

The other night, when I had difficulty sleeping, I logged in-world to get some relaxation while I was waiting for my sleepiness to come back. Marcellias was in-world, so I asked him if it was a good time for me to come over to visit his home in SecondLife as I had promised to do. Marcellias told me he was working on his outfits but would be happy to have me over to show me his place.

The first thing I noticed when I got there was that it was raining, which is the first time I have encountered rain in SecondLife. Apparently you can get grass that does that, aren't our builders and designers creative?
Marcellias took me for what he called "the 5 second tour" of his place - which lasted for about 30 minutes. All I can say is that he has created a beautiful and peaceful haven for himself in a bubble up in the skies. The place is full of animals of every kind imaginable and the lots of sounds from them. Do not have your music on when you get there!
You will not at all believe Marcellias insistence on his purple-craze though, not until you see his bedroom. But even that is no way as bad as he himself thinks, it is true that it is purple but still cosy, warm and beautiful.
After the tour we sat down for a little chat out on the balcony of his cottage, until I felt that my need for sleep stared to overwhelm me and Marcellias was called away to assist in a fashion crisis concerning a tattoo.
It was great visiting with you Marcellias and I will be happy to show you my home, as soon as my brilliant and sublime, but temperamental, builder and interior decorator Butch Diavolo allows me to have people over.

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