Sunday, August 18, 2013

At Sea With A Beauty and Five Beasts

We set sail at the crack of dawn and Ziggy had just informed us that he needed to masturbate while he should have been focusing completely on piloting our handsome captain Thomais and his beautiful sailboat "Wave Dancer" through the, for our captain, unknown waters outside Haug in the Second Norway archipelago.
I was a bit worried that Ziggy divided attention was going to land us in the middle of some poor Norwegians lobster party. With so many distractions close at hand, like Helene's heavy bosom, Thomais' perky ass, Guyke's adorable body odour, Butch's bare and manly feet, my deliciously exposed legs and Larz's hunkalicious body, it is a miracle that the man could speak at all.
But I needn't have worried, Thomais is an experienced sailor and safely found his way through to the Blake Sea despite Ziggy's somewhat scatterbrained directions, as soon as I realized that, I could relax and enjoy the experience and the pleasure of the good humored company.
For some reason Helene seemed to drop her hair in the water behind us at regular intervals, as you can see in the picture below where it is floating around by itself in the wake of the sailboat. Other than that it was just a glorious experience with the sun, the sea, the hard bodied men and the pleasant company of sweet Helene.
All seemed to run smoothly until I went for a smoke. When I returned I found myself standing with the others at the bottom of the Blake Sea, apparently the boat had decided to disappeared at some sim-crossing or something.
Our asses were soon hauled to safety on nearby land by the now focused Ziggy, it seems my buddy works best in unexpected emergencies, which is a good thing to know about a friend.
 We were soon out on the waters again, but this time on Thomais' motorboat "Capitan".
After a while, we decided to make a stop at the well-known and peculiar island which consists of a long dead monsters skeleton. I was hoping there would be a bar, because I was getting thirsty for a refreshing beer, but no such luck.
We were exploring the waters under the skeleton, when I got a call from my friend Holter who reminded me that a dance recital I was going to was about to start. I had totally forgotten about this previous engagement because of the wonderful time we were having.

I asked Holter if anyone would mind if I turned up in my skimpy swimsuit. Holter assured me that he was sure that they wouldn't, so I said goodbye to the gang and teleported to the show.

To be continued... (I had a very busy Saturday!)

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  1. Bock you were excellent as a Boat bunny. *giggles*

    And yes it is official I wear wigs from time to time.....dame it! haha ;)

  2. I was extremely taken off guard by all the unyielding sexiness and beauty surrounding me on all sides with no mercy. Tomais's new hair and facial hair and um, bum...Guyke, Butch and Larz werking it like sailors in heat, Helene and her heaving sexy busem and regenerating hair and last but not least...the King of Sweden, Bock McMillan and his chest, arms and legs showing no mercy...none at all...we could not beg for mercy for none would be saved!

  3. LOL you two!

    It was a really fun Kiki, we must do it again soon - and I promise to wear long pants so as not to distract you too much Ziggy. ;P


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