Sunday, August 11, 2013

Countdown for Kro - 5

Kro's absence is taking it's toll on Dej. The man is slowly falling apart and incessantly talks about how much he misses his lover. It is lucky for him that I am known to be the most patient man in SecondLife. Everyone keeps telling me so and I - of course - know it to be true.

I have tried to help as best I can. With my sickeningly long experience of celibacy I am somewhat of an expert. But does the man appreciate it and listen to my sage advice, about just blocking it out and taking cold showers regularly?

No! Instead he tells me, "I love you Bock, but I love Kro more!" Can you believe it? Well I was not having that so I retorted, "Well Dej, you should know that I love you too, but I also love Kro more!" Thats when he called me "bitch" and I called him "bastard" and then we both laughed.

But really, the way Dej goes on harping about Kro is slowly driving me insane, by reminding me of the existence of sex. If Kro doesn't come back soon Dej will not die of sexual frustration or a pining heart, but with a knife stuck into his back to the hilt. Luckily I will only have to endure this for less than a week now, only five (5) more days of this misery. If I clench my fists and breathe deeply and cool down with regular icy cold showers I should be able to make it, perhaps...


  1. Want some ice cream to cool off with Bock? :)

    1. Sure Jasmine, I love ice cream, especially Italian chocolate and raspberry sorbet ;)

    2. Hmmmm let me think about that a while, I don't usually like to share my ice cream... LOL


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