Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary Gay Archipelago!

The founder Fabrice Snook (February 9, 2007 - November 23, 2011)
In 2007, Fabrice Snook founded the initial sims of the Gay Archipelago seeing a need for a place in Second Life where the LGBT community could live, create and share dreams together. The following years brought growth of the Archipelago by leaps and bounds and strengthened the LGBT presence in Second Life.

In 2010, Linden Labs recognized the need for LGBT residents in Second Life to be together and bonded with each other to create a feeling of community to further the Second Life experience. Thus the area currently known as the 'GA Prime' cluster was established so that LGBT sims and estates could live, work and play in close proximity as neighbors and friends on the SL Grid.

In 2011, Linden Labs recognized the needs of LGBT sims to be able to grow, expand and reorganize in a more 'Protected' and 'organized' area to further strengthen the LGBT community in SL. Thus the second SL Grid area known today as the 'GA Reserve' cluster was established and settled.

Today, the GA boasts some of the most active and popular LGBT clubs in SL as well as numerous galleries, performance halls, theaters, thriving commercial districts, prime LGBT residential areas, resorts, multiple tourist-attractions and amazing events which draw residents from all over the SL grid.

The GA Organization has grown as a strong LGBT Community and regularly welcomes new friends and regions from all over Second Life!

The Gay Archipelago proudly welcomes LGBT and LGBT-friendly regions from all over the Second Life Grid to join in friendship, fun, unity and creation of all our dreams together. If you are interested in joining the GA, please contact current GA Lead, Garth Raleigh for an application for your adventure to begin!

To celebrate the anniversary there will be a three hour party today (10 AM - 1 PM SLT) at Gay Fun World

For additional information about the party please visit Gay Archipelago

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