Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The New SP2014 Board

The results of the elections of the SP2014 Board of directors were announced at midnight. The new board will consist of the following members.

Chairman:: Damien Tar
Dextrum Boucher - 70 votes (48 %)
Damien Tar - 76  (52,%)

Secretary/Co-Chair::  Petr Vanbeeck
Andy Long - 65 votes (46 %)
Petr Vanbeeck - 75 votes (54 %)

Treasurer:: SquirtN Wonder
SquirtN Wonder - 123 votes (unopposed)

Events Director:: Hotboy Skytower
Female avatar X - 70 votes (48 %)
Hotboy Skytower - 75 votes (52 %)

Community Relations Director:: Karl Kalchek
Male avatar Y - 46 votes (32 %)
Karl Kalchek - 68 votes (48 %)
Joshie Drew - 29  votes (20 %)

Building Director:: Mr Gracemount
Mr Gracemount - 121 (unopposed)

Security Director; Gaius Tripsa
Gaius Tripsa - 120  (unopposed)

Marketing Director::  Tylo Mabellon
Tylo Mabellon - 121 (unopposed)

Communications/IT Director:: Jaggy Naughton 
Jagger Naughton - 127 (unopposed)

My congratulations to the winners, it was a close race but you made it. I also wish to thank those candidates who also ran for making this election so interesting.

The new board will be installed on August 18, 2013, at 11AM SLT and have their first meeting as a board of Second Pride. The existing Board will step down at that time and any transfers will take place at that time.

Special note. The candidates mentioned above as "Female candidate X" and "Male candidate Y" have expressly asked me to never mention their names again on my blog (for Y that restriction also includes never showing his picture). As none of them won their race I see no need to mention them at this time.


  1. The election is over!!
    The results are in and I congratulate all of the newly elected members of the Board.
    This has been a particularly contentious election. Passions have run high and I think I am not alone in saying this it got really ugly at times. In looking back at many of the candidates statements, I am pleased to see the many thoughtful and constructive comments made by all of the candidates. I would hope to see these ideas and their passions refocused towards helping Pride achieve it’s goals and embracing the entire LGBT community. The new Board will need all the help and support that ALL of us can give them. Pride is bigger than any of us and it’s mission is more important than our individual aspirations.
    Personal goals and personal issues need to be set aside for the future of Pride.
    Pride has gone through this process many times and has always continued to grow and become a more central focus of the greater LGBT community. This year the Board has the opportunity to expand Pride into many more and diverse corners of our community. My only suggestion to the new Board is weigh your decisions against the standard...”what is best for Pride”.
    I would hope that all of our actions during the next few weeks could be based on that standard. I trust that all of us and the new Board will …”do what is best for Pride”.

    Doc Spad

  2. "Special note. The candidates mentioned above as "Female candidate X" and "Male candidate Y" have expressly asked me to never mention their names again on my blog (for Y that restriction also includes never showing his picture). As none of them won their race I see no need to mention them at this time."


    1. ummm wait.... so Bock posts this blog and we all know who X and Y is anyways .... but then Ziggy adds the last comment that "never mention their names again on my blog"....

      SO is Ziggy then Bock?

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, finally the shit hits the fan and the secret is out - Ziggy is Bock!

      Is your Swedish as excellent as my Canadian accent, Xiggy buddy?

    2. I can confirm this. They have the same pubic hair. You cannot tell them apart.

    3. My native tongue is fluent in Cunnilingus.

    4. YIKES Ziggy, I would never dream of doing that!

      Now I have to disassociate from you, what a pity! It would have been fun to go along with that for awhile...

  4. Congratulations to the new board.
    My only wonder: where are the women?

    1. That is an excellent question, Kandi!

      Too few women ran in the election, one withdrew her candidacy and the only two women who remained did not win.

      The lack of lesbian representation and participation in Second Pride are one of the many issues the new board will have to deal with.

    2. Since (according to some official Linden research) 30% of the males in Second Life are females in real life, I wonder if some of the male candidate winners are really female?

  5. Congratulations to the winners, i hope the marketing director will success in promoting Second Life virtual world to the "unplugged" people in IRL :) may be he can use FB as a tool since many LGBT groups are founded there.



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