Monday, September 2, 2013

The Vernissage of "Art Erotic"

My friend Ewa Aska, formerly best known as the co-owner of the once famous Ice Hotel and as an actor in several plays and musicals in SecondLife among them the successful ABBA SWEDEN show, has now found a new furrow for her creativity as a photographer of erotic art.

Ewa's exhibition "Art Erotic" opened with a vernissage yesterday, As the chairman of the Bock McMillan Art Foundation (a part of the BMcM Corporation) I was naturally invited. Most notable - and noticeable - among the other guests was an apparition of my bosom-buddy Apmel Goosson, this time present as his alt Apmel Meerson.

Apmel was - in my humble opinion - the most erotic work of art in the room, especially since he had chosen to dance an extremely enticing and alluring dance and somehow seemed to work his way around me the whole evening. I claimed he was hitting on me, but he emphatically denied it. (You can read our conversation on this subject on his blog, the link is supplied at the end of this post.)
Apmel plays coy but I know what he is contemplating
Apmel hits on me
Apmel in the act of sexual harassment against innocent me
Our gorgeous DJ Rultan and her likewise gorgeous hubby Alf
Paola spots me but keep her distance, in the beginning...
Fia Wycliffe surrounded by erotic art
Apmels favorite piece of art, I named it "A tethered man"
Photographer Ewa Aska in an erotic pose
I avert my eyes from the sexiness of Paola
Guyke comes to my rescue to save me from more sexual harassment by members of the audience
For more pictures from the vernissage and my hilarious conversation with Apmelito please visit "The models hide nothing, but what does Bock hide?"

If you wish to visit the exhibition it goes on through September 15, 2013, Landmark to the exhibition (SLurl)


  1. Haha, Bock, after this blog I almost wish I had abused you!

    1. Ooooo I am so looking forward to what you may be planning next, pray tell me...

  2. WOW...I didn´t even recognice you and Guyke with so much cloths on. ;) *giggles*


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