Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to Sweden, Mr. President!

President Barack Obama arrives to Sweden this morning for the first bilateral state visit to Sweden ever by an incumbent American president. We had President George W. Bush here a couple of years ago, but that was for an International summit meeting.

Although we are well aware that the American presidents short visit to Sweden occurs only because of the the gap that arose in his plans when the Americans decided to show displeasure with the Russians for granting a temporary refuge to Edward Snowden (who leaked information about America's massive surveillance online) and cancelled a scheduled meeting with the Russian President Vladimir "Little Father" Putin.

Nonetheless we are thrilled to receive Obama as a guest and hope that he will have a wonderful stay with some straightforward and serious discussions with the Swedish representatives.

Alas the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls and sovereign ruler of The Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment with Outer Territories, will not be able to meet with the American President due to a "political flu", which has been brought on by the prevailing enmity between the beloved laird and the awful Silvia, Queen of Sweden. 


  1. Oh common Bock. Let your readers in on the secret. You will be part of a contingent of attractive people from Southern Sweden who will greet President Obama wearing the officially approved national native peasant costume, which you look so comely in. You will be performing the Polska and other famous Swedish national dances at the Nordic Leaders State Dinner set for tonight at the invitation of Queen Silvia, and showing off your shapely legs which you have shaved for the occasion. You told me that since your legs are so hairy, you do not want the President mistaking you for a Norwegian farm girl like my friend Hjordis, since Swedes do a much better job with leg shaving. BTW I do hope you remember to wash your feet for the occasion since not every American is into smelly socks. Good luck Bock!

    1. I would never shave my legs, no matter what! Not for President Obama and most definitely not for Queen Silvia.

      My feet will of course be washed, the socks too and my underwear and all my other clothes as well as the rest of my body. ;P

  2. Bock how can you say that our queen is awful? Is it because she have nazi (not sure how to spell it) roots?

    1. No, dear Helene, it has nothing to do with her fathers tainted background. I do not believe in letting the children suffer for the sins of their parents.

      Silvia is "awful" because she treated Bock badly at their latest meeting ;) (Which of course never happened except in the narration on this blog, so it should not be taken literally!)

    2. Ohhh...then I see Bock. ;)

      Since I am a royalist I reacted because I think our royal family represent Sweden in a good way.

      But then I forgive you dear. *smile*

  3. He did not say she was awful, he just said he will not shave his leg even though she requested it for his dance performance of the Polska tonight in Her presence. He agreed to wear clean undies for her didn't he? That's a big thing for Bock!


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