Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Invitation From The Gay Archipelago

Hello! My name is Garth Raleigh and I am the Lead of the Gay Archipelago in Second Life (fondly referred to as the GA). I'm writing to you today to extend an invitation to YOU to JOIN in the planning and operation of the upcoming LGBT Winter Festival in Second life!

The GA is widely considered to be the leader in the LGBT Community in this virtual platform and, as in past years we're getting set to present the SL Community with a major festival which will be enjoyed by thousands of people - from all over the real world and all over Second Life!

There'll be fun and entertainment for each and every taste; music, shopping; exhibits - and well......whatever YOUR ideas are can become reality. This IS Second Life, after all.

Like people? Like to make new friends? Enjoy learning new skills? Community-minded? Have talents that you would like to lend to the LGBT Community in Second Life? OR.......Not sure, but you like to be involved somehow?


I will be hosting an informal 'organizational' gathering this weekend (SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2013 - 12:00pm NOON) at the GA Clubhouse on the GA Coronal Region.

I'm inviting you to come and join the Festival Team Group in one of several areas. Here's a brief summary for you to consider where we have openings:



              BUILDINGS & GROUNDS


                          FESTIVAL SIM MANAGEMENT/SECURITY

HOW DO YOU GET INVOLVED? Contact me (or Othon Weiland, GA Publicity Lead) directly with an IM or a notecard and let us know you wish to join in with the creation of this wonderful & traditional event for the LGBT Community - the largest and ONLY LGBT Celebration of its kind in SL.

After we hear from you, we'll make sure you have a nice chair to relax in while we talk, laugh and brainstorm together as a group (we'll pass you the LM too).

Can't make the meeting planned? No worries - there will be more. You are always welcome. Stay in touch!

Be safe. Be Proud!

Garth Raleigh
Lead, Gay Archipelago

Othon Weiland
GA Publicity Lead

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  1. Thank you for sharing buddy, nice initiative, hugs


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