Monday, October 14, 2013


In a world full of wars, famine, abuse, violence, mutilations, rapes, persecutions and diseases etc., etc., I have spent my last few days wallowing in a turmoil of completely self obsessed and destructive self-pity. 

Sure part of it can be blamed on my medication, but I still cannot understand how I could lose my perspective and all self control to such an extent that I only felt angry, hurt and terribly frustrated over something this silly.

It is no one else's fault. I am not a victim and I have not been wronged in any way. The present situation is all of my own doing and choice, both when I acquired the habit of smoking and now when I decided to stop. 

Its time to put an end to this self-destructive mindset and keep moving on with my life and my choices.  I am sorry for trying your patience and thank the many that have shown me sympathy. Next time just slap me and tell me to get real!


  1. Lycka till med att sluta röka - det går om man bara ger sig fan på det. Jag har varit rökfri i tre år nu och det är så skönt nu. :)

    Ibland behöver man bryta ihop lite för att sen kunna resa sig och vara stark igen. Vi är mänskliga trots allt. :)

    1. Tack för de vänliga och uppmuntrande orden, Betty! ;)

  2. Sending a lot of hugs for you!

  3. You are becoming a better, new, wonderful version of YOU!

  4. Grit your teeth and bite down hard - 72 hours free of smoke and your body doesn't need it anymore. The addiction is over - then you just need to shift the normal patterns of life where you might be tempted to smoke - do different things - different cafes, bars, and different routes to work for a while. Trust me - I'm a doctor lol. Good luck Bock. Thinking of you. xx

  5. I have not given up yet, hugs to ya'll and thanks for the support!

    Oh Torro, could we play doctor for 72 hours? I really think that might help distract me...


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