Sunday, November 24, 2013

Madonna - The Virtual History Tour

I dragged along my scrumptious "love interest" to this event at Provincetown yesterday. I had the most wonderful time in the company of Tomais. The pleasure was added to by the presence of his friend Keebo and my friend Butch. The two friends "just happened" to turn up, no doubt to see to it that nothing untoward took place. On a sidenote, I must inform ya'll that I have so far successfully guarded my regrown virginity, except for sessions of cuddling and kissing. This in spite of warnings from Guyke not to let the hot Tomais "wait too long". Oh, I must also tell you though that I am slowly getting better at emoting, which is a tricky art form indeed.

Over to the main story of this post, Madonna's Virtual History Tour in SecondLife.

I had a great time at the event for about 90 minutes, at which point I just got tired, restless and a bit bored - unfortunately the show continued for another 30 minutes. Editing is essential in all all artforms! I could easily shorten this otherwise exceptional performance with stunning avatars, amazing sets and well synced dances, just by cutting away the many and long breaks for scenery changes - when the audience was left looking at the curtain or a façade and the Lady Gaga insertions.

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