Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day 2013

Noblesse oblige, so on boxing day it was time for the laird to go out and about on Southern Charm to - as tradition bids - meet and greet the hoi polloi, i.e the lowlier nobility inhabiting the home sim.

The journey is usually performed with me being drawn in the royal sleigh drawn by six white Ardennes stallions, but this year I wanted to show off my new studly boyfriend so I had Tomais pull me around the sim instead.
"Sleigh RidePhotography by Tomais Ashdene
It was a great success and the cheering of the crowds seemed never to cease. My people loved the man, for his good looks and charm and because they saw he makes me happy.

Enough with that fantasy about my noble lineage, which I mostly keep on with because it amuses me and annoys a few others (that I do not mind teasing as often as I am able).

Tom had seen this beautiful pose and it made him think of a picture (thats the way of the artists). I think he may have played a little with the pose I am on, but I am not at all sure.

Yesterday the brutish artist made me suffer for art and had me sitting out there in the cold for hours on end while he played about with lighting and Windlight settings. Although I am the most patient man in SecondLife, which Tom repeatedly told me yesterday, I would have been freezing my beautiful derriere off sitting there and listening to the artist mumbling to himself had it not been for my sweet brother Dej joining us on Skype for a while.

You can see more of Tomais' photography either on Flickr - Tomais Ashdene and also on his Tumblr page Photomonkey SL (NSFW). Enjoy!


  1. Hope you and Tomais have a great New Year's Bock!

    1. Thank you so much, Eddi, and I wish you and Benja a great New Year too!


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