Friday, December 6, 2013

More Than Third Rezday...

My wonderful, sweet and awesome sister Millimina Salamander first rezzed into SecondLife on December 6, 2008, which means that she today celebrates her... Ugh, I am terrible with really high numbers so let's just say she is more than three years old from this days onwards.
Millimina, photography by Kent Hutchinson-Laurent
Without the love, support and encouragement of this delightfully crazy, marvelously bitchy and superbly humorous woman my life would be dismal. Millimina always (Always Millimina, and don't you forget it!) gives more energy than she takes to everyone around her, and to me more than to most others.

Happy more than third rezday, my darling sister! Love you always!
Selfie I, photography by Millimina Salamander
Selfie II, photography by Millimina Salamander
Millimina á la Bjork, photography by Kent Hutchinson-Laurent

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