Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Wonderful Beginning

The wonderful Tomais has completely swept me off my feet since he has come into my life. For a short while I have been contemplating whether I should propose to him or not, as my dear readers know I sometimes have  an issue with procrastination. This time I was not as slow as usual to make up my mind though.

Once I had decided on what I wanted and how to proceed, I discussed it with my son Guyke and my brother Dej, separately,  yesterday afternoon. I am happy to report that they were both enthusiastic and supportive of my decision.

During the New Years Eve evening yesterday I was thinking of how, when and where to actually go through with the proposal. If I should do it immediately or wait a little while longer - just to be completely sure... (Tendency to procrastinate remember?)

After the New Year had started in Sweden I just got so fed up with myself I knew I did not want to and could not wait any longer. it had to be now. I asked Tomais if we could take a break in our party-hopping and go somewhere to talk alone for awhile. Once we had landed at the terrace of Tomais home, I plunged into the proposal without further ado.

I cannot remember the words anymore as I was terribly nervous but I know that I told Tomais how much I loved, adored, admired and lusted for him and how much I wanted and needed him to be a part of my life.

I am certain I was rambling a lot but Tomais listened patiently and when I was finally done there was a short pause. It felt like a long time, but was probably no more than a few seconds. And he said "Yes!".

Glory halleluja, I felt my nervousness leave my body as happiness overflowed me and filled my body and soul. My soul was soaring around the skies and my feet hardly touched the ground the rest of the evening.

Thank you my sweet, darling Tomais, for making this one of the happiest days in my life!


  1. Awww Bock!! Congratulations to both of you! Hugs!

  2. I now believe in God and close to popping some champagne and downing the bloody bottle to celebrate this fantastic historical event on so many levels.
    I am so happy that Guyke and I fibbed to both of you by sending you IM's which got you guys talking. I do know someone liked someone for a while now and finally the timing was right and chemistry and destiny aligned and worked....

  3. Omg so happy for you both.. congratiulations. . And happy new year.. wow.. such a happy new year it will be.. xxxxxx

  4. Still jumping for joy here! If ever two people belonged to be together it must be you two <3

  5. So happy for both of you! Congratulation. *hugs you tight*

  6. congratulations:) thats a happy start of the new year.

  7. "Under dagar som komma, år som gå
    må lycka och glädje följa er två"

    Wishing you two all the best, and I am genuinely happy. I can tell that you are truly in love.

  8. Thank you all my sweet friends, hugs, much love and many thanks from both Tomais and myself!

  9. Congrats my dear friend! I wish u the same happiness of Ryce and I! Bravo!!!!! :x

  10. Congratulations to you and Tomais! /Millimina


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