Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visited by an Apparition

I will never forget it, you know? I was in bed with my boyfriend (now husband) Tomais, and he said to me "Bock" ... he always calls me Bock (well, when he doesn't call me "lover") which isn't that strange actually as Bock is my chosen name.
"Bock", Tom said, "what is that floating above us?" As I looked to check what Tom was talking about the apparition landed beside the bed we were laying on. 

We had been busy snogging, making out, canoodling and enjoying the warmth of each others bodies while exchanging a little spit from time to time.
As we watched in surprise and amazement the androgynous creature started stomping around the bedroom of our summer villa in way that would certainly impress RuPaul. When we asked who it was and what it was doing there, it answered haughtily, "You may call me Ghislaine and I am here to show you my latest outfit and the new model-AO I got from Henimations." 

We were duly impressed, of course! I was issued a gag order and sworn to secrecy concerning the apparition's true identity, which upset me a bit because this is the third one I have gotten in a short time.


  1. I almost fell off my chair laughing. :-D

  2. Oh I spotted this entity as well and got in a very heated discussion with her/it/he before I was fleeing for safety!

    1. Be careful, I hear the apparition is extremely dangerous if you upset it...;)

  3. It seemed to be very upset when I visited it and when I rebelled and tried to upset it back it went afraid be very afraid. ;-)
    I still love it though.


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