Monday, February 10, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with Outgoing and Incoming Leads of Gay Archipelago

Yesterday, while I was taking it easy and dancing bareassed with my husband - and several other hotties - at the Boystown Beach Party with DJ Ryder Bowman, all hell broke loose as the Gay SecondLife metaverse reverberated with the news that Gay Archipelago, or "the other organisation" as it was once upon a time referred to at Second Pride meetings, had gotten a new lead.
Ricogenu Resident (right) with his partner Avacar Bluestar at the
GA Estate Owners Meeting yesterday prior to the announcement
ricogenu Resident had just been named by the GA Discovery Committee to succeed in the position as lead of Gay Archipelago being vacated by Garth Raleigh-Underby next week.

What is an avatar blogger supposed to do when he is thus caught by surprise without any pants? As your intrepid reporter I called my two friends in Instant Message to get exclusive interviews with them both. (I did most certainly not inform either of them that I was conducting the interviews in the buff.)

First off I called Garth Raleigh-Underby, the outgoing lead
Bock: Hello my dear friend! What is this news I just got?
Garth: Hi, Bock dear! :)
Bock: Have you stepped down as lead for GA?
Garth Raleigh: Actually, I did that about a month ago when I informed the Owners group that I was retiring. A Discovery Team was created to vett and interview prospective candidates prior to my official last day (February 13th). Today was the announcement at the GA Owners Gathering. Now I work with the incoming Lead, Rico (ricogenu) on transitional issues and continue to advise him.
Bock: He is a nice guy too, although I do not know him as well as I know you.
Garth You will have many chances to know him better as he wades into the deep end of the pool, so to speak. lol
Bock: LOL
Garth: As for me... I have already started taking classes on Firestorm viewer issues and am slated to begin classes on building/creating with sculpties and mesh. Things I have not had time to do for myself. And I can spend more time with friends and with Mitch. It is our 1 year anniversary today, btw. :)
Bock: OMG congratulations!
Garth: Also, Othon retired as PR/Publicity lead for the GA. The new PR/Publicity Lead is Parvin (xcept.atlas).
Bock: Big changes on important positions
Garth: Change... is essential. Without change groups like the GA become stagnant and unable to move ahead. I wanted to make sure the organization remains vital and full of fresh new ideas and ways of doing things. Now I move out of the spotlight, it was getting a bit toasty under there. LOL
Bock: I am happy for you though
Garth: This means I can come pester YOU more. LOLOL
Bock: YAY! I hope you and Mitch have saved March 8th for me and Tomais
Garth: 8th... Right, saw that on your blog, dear.
Bock: Excellent! Now you can relax and say and do whatever and tell everyone to go screw themselves - although I know you would never express it quite like that...

Next I called on Rico Resident, who according to what his partner Avacar jokingly told me was attempting to "bury a hole"
Bock: Congratulations buddy! Best of luck with your important mission
ricogenu: Thanks Bock
Bock: I assume you are busy so I will not pester you, just wanted to tell you I you I think you will be an excellent lead for GA
ricogenu: No I am good and Bock you are never a pest
Bock: Hugs mate and *fingers crossed* KICK ASS!
ricogenu: OK I will do my utmost best at it!

This is Rico’s acceptance speech at the GA Owner's meeting transcribed (quoted from the GA WeBlog:
“Hello and I thank you very much for turning up today for this announcement. I stand before you as a very humble man, ready for the challenge that awaits me, a gracious representative to the Second Life lgbt community as a whole.
Each of you play a very important part of the Gay Archipelago mission and I look forward to serving all of you both individually and collectively.
Many of you have worked with my partner in the GA over the last 3 years, and his experience along with mine are to be explored in the very near future on the GA blog.
I appreciate the diligence that the Discovery committee carried out in evaluating my qualifications to take the reins of the GA leadership and I hope to both meet & exceed your many expectations as we move forward this year.
Please bear with me as I become familiar with each estate owner and its superlatives as I hope to learn the many great talents of our overall team.
Your participation is vital to our success and along with many excellent and acclaimed accomplishments for the GA under Garth and his team, we aim to carry that same momentum into all future endeavors that benefit our membership.
Thanks again for your commitment and dedication to the Gay Archipelago.
Sincerely yours, Ricogenu.”

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