Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ziggy Is Back!

It was only a few months ago that Ziggy Starsmith, to the dismay of his loyal and loving readers (of which I am one), tiredly declared that he was going to stop blogging full time.
The beautiful picture that Ziggy left us with in October, 2013
Since then we have only gotten a few bread crumbs tossed at us from time to time by the irate and erratic blogger, just enough to keep us from feeling totally abandoned and dying from mental and emotional starvation.

Knowing and loving Ziggy I, however, kept my hopes up and never removed his blog from my blogroll. Lo and behold, yesterday he came back to us - full force - with no less than five posts!

The blog has been slightly renamed to "Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life... And Beyond" with the declared promise of "brutally honest commentary of the virtual 3D world of Second Life".

Welcome back, buddy, I have missed your forthright views on the worlds as we know them!


  1. Oh I am back my sexy Swedish friend and some might say "oh shit NO!:"

    1. LOL, but do we care if they say that? ;P

  2. I'm glad he's back in full force like only he can :)


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