Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blame It On the Internet

Social studies are showing that an ever increasing amount of couples find each other on social forums, gaming communities, virtual realities, matchmaking sites and other meeting places provided on the Internet. They meet each other there, fall in love and manage to carry it over into first life.

Yesterday we learned that Daimon and Hugo are one of these couples. They met through their SecondLife avatar accounts on Facebook, when Hugo commented on a funny thing Daimon had posted, then in-world where they fell in love and later on in first life.

The wedding venue was beautifully decorated in a coherent color scheme of white and lilac, the latter being a color I usually detest but it worked well this time. As Tomais was otherwise occupied I was escorted by the Crown Prince Guyke to represent the family.
Hugo and the guests are waiting for Daimon to arrive 
The wedding started a little later than scheduled as one of the grooms-maids had to answer a nature call, but we all patiently waited for the girl to finish. When that was over we all started worrying about if Daimon had decided to ditch Hugo "at the altar" as he was nowhere to be seen. The only one who kept his calm about this was Hugo himself, because he could inform us that Daimon's primatar was sitting beside him at the computer.
Five fashionistas displaying exquisite taste in men's wear,
from left to right I, me & myself, Guyke and Mikey Hax.
The wedding party is finally assembled
The happy couple
Smooching after the ceremony - it went on forever!

After the wedding ceremony had been successfully concluded - and the grooms had finally stopped smooching - the wedding party could depart from the wedding venue and move into the reception area next door, which was decorated as beautifully.
I and the Crown Prince Guyke
We all stopped dancing for the two grooms first dance together as a married couple
Congratulations Mssrs. Daimon and Hugo Summers, may you be happy together in both your first life and your SecondLife. Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful wedding.

Don't forget guys, you promised to inform us when you get married in first life also!

Furthermore, I consider that Dejerrity Mycron must be partnered soon. The wonderful man's single status is an utter mystery to me and he certainly needs other things to occupy his mind. Interested parties should contact me a.s.a.p. for additional information.

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