Monday, April 21, 2014

SL Photography Monthly - May 2014 Issue Out

The May 2014 issue of the SecondLife Photography Monthly is out today. To view it please go here SL Photography Monthly - May 2014 Issue.

Should you wish to view back issues please visit here, SL Photography Monthly - All Issues.

Well, I might as well share the introduction I wrote for this issue, it is my blog after all.
"Images. They have followed humanity all throughout our evolution. We saw them in our dreams, then we manifested them in sketches on sand and dirt, over carvings on rock and stone to paintings deep inside the caves we dwelt in. Later still we committed them to paper and canvas. More recently, we developed cameras to take photographs, and now in modern times we can use digital technology to capture and create images in ways we've never been able to before. 
I don’t accept the anthropologists theories that our need to recreate, depict or share our visions was driven by religious needs or hunting purposes. I would rather believe that mankind has from the beginning felt the need, the urge even, to let those who came after them know, “I was here. See me. Remember me!” and also to share their visions with those who follow. “Here, right here, I and my friends killed the antelope” or “Jondalar and Ayla met here”.
Images always contain messages. The message can be one of mood, thought, or deed. Sometimes they are loud and in your face, while at other times they are subtle, veiled and discreet. We as viewers interpret, based on our own experiences and thought processes, what the artist put into their work, or we may use our prerogative to use their work as a starting point to create our own images, visions, and memories.
In this May 2014 issue of SL Photography there are 23 amazing photographers who have chosen to share some of their wonderful visions with you. Enjoy them and use them to your own benefit.
Bock McMillan
I wish to thank the editors of SL Photography Monthly for thinking of me and awarding me this rare honor!

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