Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm A SP2014 Sponsor, Why Aren't You?

During the weekend Bock in SecondLife became a Platinum Sponsor of Second Pride 2014.

It only costs L$20,000, which roughly converts to US$80. I did it mostly to show my support for Second Pride but also to be able to get the opportunity to choose a float for the parade. I chose the Rainbow Snoopy blimp.
The balloon I chose
I love and adore Pride-parades and have missed them dearly since "the debacle of the barges" at the opening of Second Pride 2010 or 2011. That was when Second Pride was held at a Venetian styled sim and the parade was to consist of barges on the canals between the sims. Unfortunately the brilliant and beautiful idea got drowned in lag and the barges started crashing and sinking after barely making it out on the first part of the canals.

This year there are several different sponsor packages ranging between L$2,500 to L$100,000 (or more), it would be quite easy for you - alone or together with some friends - to buy a sponsorship and get one of the awesome floats or balloons for the opening parade. 

After having seen them in action yesterday, I can honestly say they are even better than they look in the Parade Float Gallery
Some of the floats and ballons
If you should have a business there are also vendor packages. Both the vendor and sponsor packages come with a wide variety of promotions and ads, see the full options at the festival packages comparison chart.

As Bock in SecondLife is a non-commercial enterprise depending entirely and solely on the good will of the independently wealthy Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm etc., etc., I chose to donate all promotional and advertising to the Human Rights Campaign.

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