Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bock Among Savages

Gay activist and sex advice columnist Dan Savage should need no introduction for most of you, but those of you who need to read up on him can do so here, Wikipedia: Dan Savage.

I have admired Dan for a many years and many reasons. He and his husband Terry Miller co-founded the It Gets Better Project to remind LGBT youth that they are not alone and that it indeed does get better.  Dan also set up the website Spreading santorum in 2003 as a countermeasure against an American gay-hating politician who compared homosexual sex to bestiality and incest. What I most of all admire Dan for is his way of dealing with the bigots and gay haters of the Christian right in America. He is in their faces and comes down on them like a ton of bricks with his intelligent, humorous and no-nonsense responses against their attacks.


Yesterday I encountered this tweet in my Twitter-feed.
As I perceived it as an attack on Dan Savage, I jumped right in and shared my two bit thoughts. In hindsight I wish I had reacted to the fact that the tweet was from someone with the same last name as Dan and had taken a moment to check it out, but alas in my usual rash and impetuous manner I did not...
A kind soul in the Twitter world took pity upon me and informed me that the two Savages are brothers and the correct situation.
Which lead to me realize I had jumped to the wrong conclusions. Bill Savage, however, graciously accepted my heartfelt apology.
At this point my hero made an appearance in the feed...

All is well that ends well, but hopefully I have - yet again - learned the lesson that I should not charge into things like an elephant into a china shop and that I sometimes need more information to make a better assessment of a situation.

In closing, I would like to thank Bill Savage for accepting my apology and @libsechumanist for seeing my predicament and taking the time to correct it.

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