Monday, June 23, 2014

My Parade Blunder

Remember how I have been going on about how much I have missed the opening parades at Second Pride? And how happy I was when I learned that we would have one at this years Second Pride?

Well, I managed to botch up my participation by going for a short nap four hours before the parade was going to start and then sleeping for five hours. This despite having set several wake-up calls both on my landline telephone and my cellphone, all for safety's sake as I could not imagine I would sleep that long.

Luckily my family members (hubby Tomais, son Guyke and son-in-law Garrett) were at the right place in the right time and could represent the McMillan colors.
Photo by Tomais Ashdene
Photo by Tomais Ashdene
Photo by Jeff Ellsworth
According to the reports I have received from the Opening Parade it was a tremendous success, with more than 180 avatars taking part or watching from the adjacent sim. There were only a few problems, which were to be expected considering the amount of avatars there. I am so upset with myself for missing it.

Well, when I finally did wake up I logged in as fast as I could to calm my worried family and could get a feel of the parade anyhow as it runs 24/7 (except the short while the sim is restarted everyday). I went a little crazy and tried out many of the floats, as documented below by blogging buddies Jeff Ellsworth and Carl Paneer and my Tomais.
Photo by Jeff Ellsworth
Photo by Jeff Ellsworth
Photo by Tomais Ashdene
Garrett & Guyke watching the Bock-parade
Photo by Carl Paneer
For more great pictures from Second Pride Festival, please visit my blog buddies Jeff Ellsworth; Jeff Ellsworth Witnessing A Second Life: Second Pride 2014 Live and Lively (live blogging) and Carl Paneer: NakedCarl Second Life.

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