Saturday, June 21, 2014

Second Pride Festival Events Schedule

Go to the Main Second Pride Sim and get a ticket for the Festival hunt. There are great free items to get - do not hesitate get your hunt ticket today!

DONATION KIOSKS for Second Pride are located on all sims

Make sure to check out all the different parties and events.

Come Join the Fun and Enter to Win Mr and Ms Second Pride
Contact Frolic Mills

DAILY SCHEDULE- Please inform the public whose coming up next and any big events for the day

Saturday June 21st
Midnight -2am DJ Maddy main stage
10-Noon Second Pride Parade  Parade Route
Noon-2 pm DJ Gai Thor Main Stage Yes Gay Gor
2-4 pm DJ Thorn Main Stage   SL Radio
4-6 pm DJ Rik Nayer East Stage Starbuck’s Lair
6-8 pm DJ Erik Main Stage Twink Nation
8-10pm DJ ReZ Main Stage Gay Gor HUB
10- Midnight DJ Storm Main  Stage

Sunday June 22nd
8-10 am DJ Lovelace West Stage
10-Noon DJ Jonny Main Stage Fire Island
Noon-2 pm DJ Rocky Main Stage Vanbeecks
2-4 pm DJ Maddy Main Stage Lesbian Orchid
4-6pm DJ Shep Main Stage Sanctum
6-8pm DJ Vaan Main Stage Bloomin  Krazee
8-10pm DJ Jorden Main Stage

Monday June 23rd
8-10 am DJ Abi East Stage
10-Noon DJ GMjogre West Stage
Noon-2 pm DJ Heloq East Stage
2-4 pm DJ Yifu Main Stage
4-6 pm DJ Murtap West Stage
6-8pm DJ Karl Main Stage 3Bears Resort
8-10pm DJ_Mickeybear Main Stage

Tuesday June 24th
6-8 am DJ Rudy West Stage
10-Noon DJ Ezziedq East Stage
Noon-2pm DJ Lovelace West Stage
2-4 pm DJ Emil East Stage
4-6 pm DJ Raute Main Stage MANSHOTS
6-8pm Spiritweavers Presents QUEEN in Concert
8-10pm DJ Zephyr Main Stage

Wednesday June 25th
Noon-2 pm DJ Wyatt West Stage
2-4pm DJ DJembe East Stage
4-6pm DJ Rik Nayer West Stage Starbuck’s Lair
6-8 pm DJ Chris Main Stage
8-10pm DJ InsyX Main Stage Spad Development
10-Midnight DJ Lemonodo East Stage

Thursday June 26th
8-10 am DJ Spydie East Stage The Dal Riata
10-Noon DJ Yifu Main Stage Gay Mens Cove
Noon-2 pm DJ Jay East Stage
2-4 pm DJ Thundergod West Stage
4-6 pm DJ LLedge Main Stage Vengeful Threads
6-8 pm DJ Lex East Stage Vanbeecks
8-10 pm DJ Karl Main Stage Celebration of Male

Friday June 27th
Midnight -2 am DJ Sarco East Stage
8-10 am DJ Vaan East Stage
10-Noon DJ GMjorge West Stage
Noon-2 DJ Rascal East Stage
2-4 pm DJ Dox West Stage
4-6 pm DJ Rocky East Stage
6-8 pm DJ Jynxxie Main Stage The Dal Riata
8-10 pm DJ Erik Main Stage Twink Nation
10-Midnight DJ Jorden West Stage

Saturday June 28th
8-10 am DJ Eclectic East Stage
Pageant Rehearsal
10-Noon DJ Satin East Stage Lesbian Orchid
Noon-2 pm DJ Calli East Stage Vanbeecks
2-4 pm DJ Jagger Main Stage N4RS
4-6pm DJ Miss London Callin West Stage
6-8 pm DJ Shep Main Stage House of Rfyre
8-10 pm LIVE BAND “Erik” mainstage
10- Midnight DJ_Mickeybear East Stage

Sunday June 29th
10-Noon Pride Pageant Main SIM
Noon-1 pm Tamra Sands Live Concert Mainstage
1-2pm Phi Mayo Live Singer Main Stage
2-4 pm DJ Sammie East Stage Hawker’s House
4-6 pm DJ Wes Main Stage Sanctum
6-10 pm Closing Cermonies
6-7 pm DJ Abi
7-8 pm
8-9 pm DJ Jynxxie
9-10 pm DJ Yifu

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