Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Screw You Too, Facebook!

Facebook disabled my account - again.

I know it sounds like sour grapes, but I most certainly hate that site and some of it's meddling denizens who keep on reporting me.


  1. I am out of there Bock my blogging brother. They freak me out anyway with privacy invasion. So for now my account is disabled. I don't know why but they never touched my account in two years even though I an obviously an avatar!

  2. My account was 5 years old and they got me as you well know so I only take a slap in the face once before I smash them back twice. Once you give up it is hard at first but after a week you don't miss the damn shit. Only thing I miss are the Bitstrips.
    Now I am reverting to the good old fashioned way of Second Life communication and that is, come visit me and chat or IM me.

  3. Replies
    1. oh and BTW - the Zuckerberg is in violation of their TOS - his dog has a facebook page.

    2. Petr but the rules never apply to the 1%, only to us proles :)


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