Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Story of Guyke

Today is a day of festivities and joy in the kingdom of Southern Charm, for twas 26+ years ago on this very day that a newborn boy child was found on the stairs of the lairdal palace having been placed there by a wretched princess.
Photo by JJ Goodman II
Later investigations by the SCSS (Southern Charm Secret Service) showed that it was the poor unwed princess called "Fat Martha" who had given birth to the boy while working in the fields. DNA proved that the father was indeed the late Ars Northmead, although the man vehemently denied having had carnal knowledge of the princess. For a long time it remained a mystery how the conception had taken place. It wasn't until prince Guyke (as the boy child was named) was in his eleventh year that the full sordid story was revealed by an anonymous blogger.

It seems that Fat Martha had come upon Ars while he was resting in a glen in the forest. She had drugged him and then had her way with his beautiful and strong body - or rather had taken full advantage of his unconscious but accommodating body.

The whole kingdom celebrates that the lairds beloved stepson and the heir to the throne of Southern Charm Guyke Lundquist is another year older in his first life, but still none the wiser and as lovable and charming as ever before!

Happy Zesentwintig Weer again my sweet Guykechen. I love you to bits, my darling!


  1. Happy Birthday White Prince Of Belgium and Red Rare King of Haug...

  2. Buon compleanno e tantissimi auguri, Guyke. Ziggy mentioned Belgium--is Belgium part of your story? Hugz to u, Dimi

  3. happy birthday Guyke - great post Bock :)


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