Saturday, September 6, 2014

SP Elections 2014: The Results Are In

This years Second Pride election results are in. As all the candidates to the board ran unopposed the voter turnout was, as could be expected, extremely low and easy to certify for the Election Committee.

The newly elected members to the Second Pride Board of Directors are
Ezzie Mirabella
Secretary & Co-Chair
Marge Beaumont
LLedge Eames
Events Director
Karl Kalchek
Community Relations Director
Jak Calcutt
Building Director
Security Director
The board will assume office at the upcoming board meeting on Saturday September 13, 2014, at 11 AM SLT. At this time all powers will be transferred from the resigning to the elected officers.

The first order of business for the newly elected board should be to decide how to handle the vacancy on the position of Chairperson and after that on the remaining vacant seats on the board (Marketing and Communication/IT).


  1. Low turnout could also be contributed to the fact that I never heard a peep about there even being an election. And I am a member of the SP group, and I work with some of these people every week. Did I miss something?

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment, Joe, but mt first and second lives have been a bit hectic.

    You must surely have notices turned off or closed them without reading, because there have been daily messages throughout the election period.

    Another excellent way to keep up with Second Pride is to regularly read either this blog or at Second Pride


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