Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Haunted Charm

While Tomais and I have been busy autumnizing Southern Charm, my brother Dej has pulled out all stops and gone all in for the upcoming Halloween celebrations.

Everything spooky, scary or ghostly - or remotely associated with any of those concepts . has been dragged out of his inventory and set out on his parcel to guarantee that every visitor gets deliciously cold shivers down their spine and their hearts lodged up in their throats. (We had to extend his parcel to increase his land impact with 600 more prims and still he only has 8 free now...)
Dej's staff of servants have all been assigned their suitable rolls to ensure optimal terror and joyful giggles.

Do you dare try out the nutty professors Orgasmatron X-5000 or how it is too be hung by the neck? Will you dare enter the mausoleum and encounter the horror that awaits you there?


Set your world to midnight and visit Haunted Charm (SLurl).

Please note that you may meet my brother there, either as Count Dejula, the Transylvanian refugee, or as a huge man-eating she-spider with a humongous ass (meaning slightly larger than his usual perky derriere).

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