Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Project -15" - The Before Pictures

As I have already told you, my dear readers, in my post "It's Time for A Change", I have decided on some exciting developments for Southern Charm.

Yesterday I and my advisers, my husband Tomais Ashdene and my groundskeeper Butch Diavolo, met with a professional landscaper. (Who turned out to be another old friend of mine, I really do need to make a list about what skills my friends have. More about in another post though!)

The landscaper we met with was Samuel Fallen of "Lytton & Fallen". Samuel took a look around the parcel and we discussed a few things that are important to me. He will hopefully get back to me soon with a cost estimate for the necessary works. If all goes well the work itself will hopefully start during the coming week.

Another good thing that I have decided, which came out of the discussion with Samuel, was to update all the vegetation on Southern Charm to season changing stuff from Botanical. In that way future season changes on the plants will be accomplished with a click on a HUD instead of the hassle it has been up until now.

Today I documented the project site to get some before-pictures. The new house has been temporarily placed and it's positioning may well be changed according to suggestions from Samuel.
View from the North-West
View from the South
View from the West
View from the East
View from the South-East
View from above

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