Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ars Forever, Forever Ars!

Joseph Douglas Wilson Jr., 
a.k.a Ars Northmead
April 21, 1953 (first life)
October 25, 2006 (SecondLife)
March 12, 2010

Five years have passed since that awful day when my lovely Ars died.

A long time afterwards I actually thought I would never recover from that experience, but - little by little and ever so slowly - I came back to life and finally I could love again. I do so without feeling any guilt and with the knowledge that my Ars would approve.

After all, a new love takes nothing away from an old love, nor does an old one take anything away from the new. Both my loves fill me with joy and happily coexist within my whole being.

Ars will live on as long as there are still people who remember him and love him and I am not planning on dying soon, neither are Guyke or Dej or any of the others who loved and were loved by him.

Photo by KH Photography


  1. Dance on Ars, dance on. xox

  2. he'd be happy with how all of our lives are - hugs Ars

  3. He's never really gone, Bock. Like Sterling, the ones we love are always with us, because we remember them.

  4. Hugs, a little late - Sarge

    (ETA - catchathing sez catrati? a kitten could get a complex you know...)

  5. Love doesn't die. It lives on in those that loved us.


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