Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Boat Shack

We have a new feature at Southern Charm now. It is the beautiful Boat Shack from Redgrave Houses & Homes.

After some consideration Tomais and I decided to set it up in the North East corner of the sim, where the old swimming place was earlier.

Tomais and I have been busy decorating it the last week in a style that could be called "shabby chic". When I said "we have decorated", you would be correct in assuming that I have been standing aside so as not to get in the main interior decorators way uttering approvals at appropriate intervals and putting in a veto or two when needed. My Tomais has excellent taste and a knack for making this look easy, what would have taken me six months, he has single-handedly managed in only a week.

The final result is a very bright and cozy place that I absolutely love to spend time in. Well, except for the drunk teenager sleeping it off on the couch ever since we wandered in during spring-break from God-knows-where.

We have later learned that he is one of a set of triplets with the names Kyle, Kyle and Kyle. Another Kyle's has ended up at the Pine Valley sim while the third Kyle has been discovered at our friend Lucretia's home on mainland. None of them have woken up yet, but they are all breathing and all of us take care to carry them to the water from time to time so they can relieve themselves.

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  1. Fantastic pictures and home, well done buddy :)


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