Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First Pageant In SecondLife

Yesterday I attended my first pageant show in SecondLife. Marcus Lefevre, the owner and organizer of Miss SL, had kindly extended an invitation to Tomais and myself to be present at the press presentation of the event. The real event will occur in a fortnight.

As Tomais had first life duties to take care of, I went off to the event on my own. I was still there when I was joined by my Tomais three hours later. (The organizers have realized that the length of the event is a problem and are taking steps to insure that it will be substantially shorter for the final in two weeks time.)

Although it was an extremely long event by SecondLife standards, I must say it was both fascinating and enjoyable for the most part, even if I am not a true fashionista like my bosom buddy Apmel Goosson (who was busy attending another fashion event at the same time, the Penumbra Fashion Week).

The presenters at the show were a hoot with their fun bantering, my special favorite being Diana Balthaus who is an avid profile-perv like myself.

I took about half a million snapshots at the event, but in this post I will limit myself to just a few of the girls in the pageant, so as not to spoil your fun at the finals, and a little eye candy for gay men that I spotted in the crowd attending the function.

At the end of the function Marcus made a speech in which he - among other things - announced the upcoming Mr SL 2016 event.
This asymmetric dress was popular among many of the
contestants, in several imaginative combinations  
This turban/hat/bonnet was one of the most popular accessories among the contestants.
I am most certainly getting this red one or maybe the black for my Bocquerelle drag outfit.
One of my my favorites, Miss Japan

And now for the eye-candy that got me a bit distracted during the pageant.
My special favorite, the security guard (straight alas) *deep sigh*
A hot spectator
Marcus Aurelius, my Norwegian buddy - looking stunning
For more information about the Miss SL pageant and other Miss SL related news, please visit the Miss SL website.

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