Sunday, June 28, 2015

Repost (2015): Remember Stonewall

This is essentially a re-post of a post I have run the last few years, with some minor changes. We must remember our history and the giants whose shoulders we are standing on!

Let us always be proud and thankful to the trannies who finally had enough of the harassment and fought back 46 years ago on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn. We owe you, guys and girls!

Read more on Wikipedia Stonewall riots.

Before Stonewall
  • a person with homosexual inclinations was considered to be mentally ill, 
  • a person taking part in homosexual sexual activity was considered to be a criminal, 
  • a person suspected of being homosexual could be abused or harassed without risk of penalty - except in the most extreme cases, 
  • a homosexual parent was considered unfit to take care of his/her own children, 
  • Civil unions or same-sex marriages were unthinkable. etc., etc. 
All of us should always remember the gratitude we owe the trannies.

We must also remember that many of our sisters and brothers worldwide still on a daily basis live with the very real risk of

  • being murdered, incarcerated, hospitalized, abused, raped and harassed
  • losing custody of their children 
  • losing their employment 
simply for being homosexual.


  1. I belong to a unique generation of men. Unique cause we lived the 2 times, the time of a deep homophobia and this wonderful times when it seems that future brings the entirely equality. I remember the first time I heard people talk about gays ( there was not even one single nice word to name Gay people, that's why even today the best word in Portugal is the English word). I heard adults talking about a gay couple that was living together in a city 70 km far away from mine, when people found that they was lovers they burned them house. All people was sharing this story and they didn't want believe how they could even think in live together, even coming from a so rich family. In the same life time I see the western world accepting gay marriage. Is a great victory, is not just an American victory, is a incredible victory to all world, is the last step out the dark ages.

    1. True words, João, true words!

      However we must not forget our unfortunate sisters and brothers who do not live in the Western world, they need our support for many years to come.

      And even in the Western world there are still changes and improvements to work for. Our sisters and brothers in Australia still cannot marry and in many countries you can still lose your job just for letting people know that you are LGBT.


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